Relay Race

There are multiple types of kendama relay races. It’s possible to do unicorn races, described above, or candlestick runs in groups as small as five. During these types of races, instead of players being eliminated when their horns or candlesticks fall they must stop and reset their kendama before continuing.

The most common type of relay for beginners is the Around the World relay. For this race, participants need to be in groups of 4. Have each team stand in single file lines at the starting line. Mark a finish line. Each team member completes one of  the tricks incorporated in Around the World; big cup, little cup, bottom cup, and spike. The first person pulls up big cup then runs to the finish line and back. If the tama falls, they must pull it back up before continuing. Once they have returned to the starting line, the second person pulls up little cup and runs. The third person pulls up bottom cup when the second returns and runs. The last person pulls up a spike before running. If traditional Around the World proves too easy, there are many ways to switch it up. Consider using groups of 3 and using bird, little bird, and underbird. Base which tricks are used on which tricks the students are currently learning.

Requiring participants to do an exercise at the end line (push-ups, jumping jacks, squats) is a fun way to add more fitness to a class.