Board of Directors


tyler abrahamson

Co-Founder, Outreach Coordinator, Instructor

Tyler has been playing kendama for five years, and working in the industry for the last 2 with Kendama MPLS and Sweets Kendamas. He is a licensed biology teacher who decided to delay entering the classroom and dedicate his time to bringing the transformative power of kendama eduction to as many communities as possible. Tyler teamed with Josh to found Kendama Institute as a way to help the students he saw struggling with learned helplessness in an education system that abandoned them.



joshua "flow" grove

Co-Founder, Curriculum Developer, Instructor

 Joshua is a motivational Kendama educator who as been involved in Kendama education for the past three years. With six years of kendama experience and university studies in psychology, flow Science, mindfulness, growth mindset, social and emotional learning, and child development. He has dedicated his life toward serving in transformative youth education and bringing Kendama into class rooms and gymnasiums around the world.

Ryan Arthur Walker.jpg

Ryan Walker

Board Member, Curriculum Developer

Ryan is a full-time Health/Physical Education teacher who has been playing kendama for five years. After attending his first event in Ohio in 2015, Ryan fell in love with the community that surrounds kendama and has since made trips across the US, Germany and Japan meeting hundreds of kendama players along the way. As a educator, Ryan is no stranger to growth mindset and mindfulness and believes that kendama can be a tool for people to practice those skills and hopes that new kendama players can find as much joy in this simple toy as he does.



Liam Casey

Lead Instructor

Liam has been playing Kendama for 4 years now. He is fascinated with how this tool challenges and changes people lives, especially when they put their mind to it and start playing with the creative ideas inside of their head. He see’s no end to improvement in both his students as well as him self. He is committed in Striving to help others efficiently set goals, apply the process of growth mindset and reach those goals and dreams.


Sam Strohmyer

Lead Instructor