-Transformative kendama education for educators & Youth-

We created the Kendama Institute to educate the global community about the physical, social, mental and emotional benefits of kendama. We are committed to helping people of all ages and backgrounds build social and emotional resiliency, while also learning how to transform failure into opportunities for growth, mindfulness and success.

To accomplish this mission KI focuses on two things, education and community support.

Education: Our team of educators developed a curriculum designed specifically to connect learning kendama with building useful, life-long skills. Through mindful play and self-reflection, students create their own resiliency toolbox meant to help them succeed throughout life. We’ve partnered with Sweets Kendamas to bring affordable class sets of kendamas, as well as a robust fundraiser to make this investment in your community as easy as possible.

Community Support: To help foster the community of players we are building, KI organizes and sponsors competitions and events around the country. We also seek to encourage players to give back by providing a platform for them to get involved in education and social justice causes.