Though Follow can be played in any size group, it is most fun with 4-10 players. To begin, determine who will go first. To do this, have everyone do as many consecutive earthturns as they can, the one who does the most goes first. This player does a single trick, like big cup for example. The person to their left then has 2 attempts to land the trick and add their own, there are three outcomes at this point.

  1. If the player misses the trick, they get a letter. This game is played to K-E-N (similar to H-O-R-S-E). Once a player has all three letters they are eliminated.

  2. If the player lands the trick but doesn’t add their own trick nothing happens to their score and the next person attempts the trick.

  3. If the player lands the trick and adds their own, the next person attempts the entire combo.

The game is played until there is only one person left.