To start, mark off the playing perimeter. There needs to be enough space for everyone to  run around. Next, have everyone hold a candlestick. To do a candlestick hold the ken by the spike with the base cup facing up and place the tama there. Finally, before starting have the participants spread out. The objective of the game is to knock other players’ tamas off without dropping yours. Make a decision on how players may knock tamas off. Common ways to do this including using their off hand, putting their off hand behind their back and using their elbow like a “chicken wing”, or “sumo style” with their own candlesticks. When a player’s tama falls they sit down and the game ends when one person is left.

Another adaptation of this game is “Never Ending Candlestick Battle.” This game is played just like a regular candlestick battle only, instead of sitting down when their tama falls eliminated players put on a unicorn horn. They then move around trying to knock off people’s candlestick, if they do they then reset their candlestick and continue playing.