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Whether you're looking for lessons for your gym class or after school programming, we have the resources you need. Click here to learn more about our educational programming. 

KI stone partner program

We love giving back to the community and, by partnering with Sweets Kendamas, we have developed a program to do just that. Click here for more details.



Click to Learn about the Biggest Kendama event in the United States!

Click to Learn about the Biggest Kendama event in the United States!

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Origin of kendama institute

The founding of Kendama Institute was very serendipitous. A lot of small things, an incredible amount of work, and a team of passionate people made it all possible. Check out the story of how KI came to be here.


Kendama in Schools


Sweets Kendamas partnered up with Kendama Institute to do a School tour in Michigan in spring of 2018. Led by team member Joshua Grove, and traveling along side with Cooper Eddy, Nick and Zack Gallagher, Cody Griz and Zack Sieger, the team visited 5 schools in Michigan. Each school the team led a motivational and interactive Kendama assembly along with hands on programs during P.E.

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Kendama Teacher Trainings for Youth Serving Professionals and Educators


Kendama Institute Teacher Training for Youth serving professionals and educators. Our training give your team a hands on and minds on approach to learning the fundamentals of teaching Kendama. Our training fuses the techniques of growth mindset, social and emotional learning and mindful awareness all through play.

Contact us today to learn more and book your teams training.


Student Spotlight #1

We at Kendama institute are teaching, coaching and mentoring youth five days a week in Minneapolis. As we are in our second school year of classes, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing students that we get to share space with and learn with.


Student Spotlight #2

Meet Lucas of Sanford Middle School. In this weeks Student highlight, Joshua Grove asks one of his middle school Kendama students how he thinks Kendama could influence the world.

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Student Spotlight #3

This weeks Highlight features Bella Love Castillo from Odessa Texas, Daughter of P.E coach Brian Castillo. Bella has been practicing Kendama for nearly 5 years and has experienced our curriculum in her dads P.E classes. Listen to what she has to say about Kendama and how it has positively impacted her life.


Student Spotlight #4


When you sit Joshua Grove down with a kendama student to ask a few deeper questions about kendama you get this. Joey is a 10 year old at Marcy Elementary who always brings smiles to the class room, indoors and out. Take a listen into Joeys thoughts and experience with Kendama.